How To Make Cute And Colorful Baby Knit Hats

 I love All My Baby Knit Hats
Creating adorable baby knit hats can be one of the first fun fashion projects that you can do for your new baby or small child. Not only are these hats very cute, but they keep your baby's whole body warm. Did you know that 50 to 60 percent of the bodies warmth escapes through the head? Fashion, fun and functionality; a great way to express the natural love you have for your baby!  

DIY baby knit hats are a win win for everyone!

Knitting is once again becoming a very popular hobby. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, making cute and warm baby knit hats for your little bundle of joy is a fun and enjoyable knitting project. Creating baby knit hats can be completed in a short amount of time using a single skein of yarn. This makes creating baby knit hats very appealing and in turn a popular knitting project. So if you're ready, let's get started!

Follow These 5 Simple Steps.

1. Selecting a Pattern:
  • If you have just learned how to knit, you will want to pick a beginners pattern. If you have a lot of knitting experience, you may wish to choose a more advanced pattern. 
  • There are several Internet websites and blogs that have knitting patterns. You can search for "baby knit hats" to find several styles of hats.
  • Craft stores sell knitting books with patterns to make baby knit hats. If you don't want to buy a book, try checking one out from your local library.
  • You could ask a friend or someone you know who knits if you can borrow a pattern. This is generally a good way to know that the pattern is one that you like.

2 Selecting The Yarn:
  • Read the beginning of your chosen pattern to see what type of yarn is recommended. Because you have chosen to make a baby knit hat, you will more than likely select a baby yarn.  
  • Baby yarn is one of the softest and safest yarns for knitting. There are several brands of baby yarn to choose from.
  • Baby knit hats can also be made out of other yarns such as cotton or wool. One of the most popular alternative yarns for making baby knit hats is cotton.
  • Decide what color of yarn you prefer. Most yarns come in a variety of colors.
  • You may want to choose a variegated baby yarn instead of a solid color. There are also some new yarns that form a pattern as you knit.

 3. Selecting The Needle Size:
  • Check your pattern to see what size needles are recommended.
  • Knit a swatch to determine your gauge. If the needles you are using do not match the gauge, you may need to go up or down a size of needles.

4. Start Knitting the Hat.
  • Follow your pattern to make the baby knit hat. The pattern should give you instructions for different sizes of hats.
  • Most baby knit hats are knitted on straight needles, and then a seam is made to join the two sides together into a hat.
  • Some baby knit hats are knitted on round circular needles. This type of hat will not require any sewing.

5. Finish the Baby Knit Hats.
  • Cast off the baby knit hat when you are finished.
  • If you need to sew the two sides of the hat together, leave a long string after you cast off to be used for sewing. 
  • When you have finished sewing, or if you do not need to sew, weave the ending string into the stitches of the hat.
  • Block the baby knit hat when you are finished for a more professional look.
  • If you are unsure about a direction or an abbreviation in your pattern, you can always look up the information online. There are also tutorials online that will show you how to make specific stitches and how to cast on and cast off.
  • You can easily add more rows or increase the stitches per row to change the size of the baby knit hat to meet your desires.
    Before you get started the materials you will need are: 

    Find a pattern you like or get started with this one.

    Here's A Simple Pattern For Beginners
    For beginners, knitting this baby knit hat is a great way to practice the knit and pearl stitches. More advanced knitters will love how quickly they will be able to complete this simple knitting project. 

    Baby Knit Hats will help keep baby's head warm and protected. So why not knit this hat for a loved one or for charity. Happy knitting!